This is about Art. And Music. In that Order...
ARTifacts Rock Athens:
Relics from the Athens Music Scene, 1975-1985

Art Rocks Athens has teamed up with the Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the UGA Special Collections Library to present ARTifacts Rock Athens, May 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014, a carefully curated assortment of artifacts, physical objects that exemplify the do-it-yourself spirit of the early Athens music scene.

Artists and musicians created a kooky, quirky lifestyle fueled by boatloads of imagination and very little else. Got a broken string on your guitar and no money to buy another? Invent a new guitar tuning with the remaining strings. Need new clothes? Check out the rag room at the Potter’s House for a fifties housewife frock or a smoking jacket. Looking for a place to go on Friday night? Take your studio space and turn it into a music venue. No one will mind that the only source of light is a bare 40-watt light bulb suspended from a wire in the ceiling.

That ability to take something old, see its potential, and use it in a new way was an integral part of the 1975-85 era. This exhibition is a fun ramble through the jumble of the collective closet of a generation of people who developed style of their own – in art, in music, and in life – and shared it with the world.

ARTifacts opening reception is May 1st from 6-10pm. There will be a screening the B-52's earliest video shot by Spencer Thornton in the UGA Journalism School, Michael Lachowski will talk about Pylon as an art project, followed by a cocktail dance party with models mingling wearing Kate & Cindy's stage costumes and wigs.